Our Ageless Constitution
A celebration and rediscovery of the origin and meaning
of the United States Constitution and what has happened
to it during the past 233 years, expressed in a simple
straightforward language.








Our Ageless Constitution

Public Response to the first edition of
"Our Ageless Constitution"

"...It's only in those past eight years as President that I've come to appreciate how truly profound the genius of our Founding Fathers was on creating this blueprint for a free and democratic society. Your book is a wonderful testimony to that genius as well as an eloquent reminder to us all of the need to be ever viligant in protecting the Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines"
President Ronald Reagan

"The magnificent book, "Our Ageless Constitution," is an inspired compilation of wisdom and art. It is beautiful! The editorial content is as impressive as any publication that has come out during the bicentennial year. It is truly a classic... "
Dr. W. Cleon Skousen
National Center for Constitutional Studies

"...I sincerely hope that "Our Ageless Constitution" will have a large circulation in every library of this state- especially the school libraries."
Suzie Sharp
Chief Justice, Retired
North Carolina State Supreme Court

"If I were a teacher again, I would order copies for my entire class. "
Eileen M. Gardner
M.J. Murdock Fellow in
Education Policy Studies
The Heritage Foundation

" These presentations achieve a rare synthesis of superbly written text and subtle illustration through which fundamental clauses of the constitution emerge with clarity and understanding. "
Mr. Vernon Morton
State of North Carolina
Office of the Governer

"... very helpful in providing knowledge and materials that will enable a teacher to improve classroom instruction about the United States Constitution. "
Jacqueline R. Heston
Department of Public Instruction
State of North Carolina

"... During the Bicentennial of our Constitution there were many books written on the Constitution, and I believe the best of these books published was "OurAgeless Constitution." This book may be one of the best ever written on this topic..."
Ronald Mann
Deputy Executive Director of the
Commission on the Bicentennial of the
United States Constitution

"..."Our Ageless Constitution" is one of my most treasured books. Although easiest understood by our high school sophomore, I have also been able to use it in homeschooling for our fourth-grader.We used "OurAgeless Constitution" during a Newspaper/Freedom of Speech unit study. We also referred to it quite often while learning about Presidential Elections..."
Susan Smith

"...Recently for curiosity's sake I picked up your book "Our Ageless Constitution." What an awakening took place within me I can't describe!..."
Dr. Dennis Raitt, DDS

"... Your book "Our Ageless Constitution" has held me almost captive with interest since I picked it up."
G.A. Swaine II, CPA